Frontera recruitment campaign staring Picasso and Alex Ferguson

Frontera have launched a new recruitment campaign staring Picasso and Alex Ferguson to set our their high expectations for the candidates they require.  Candidates are invited to apply using the hashtag #thinkpotential to demonstrate why they deserve one of the roles.

You can see the jobs on offer in our new agency jobs section -

Great people wanted, no pressure.

We need people to join our journey of creating change. But rule-breakers are hard to find. Traditional CV and portfolio sifting only finds the standard fit. And even candidates who look special might not deliver on expectations. At Frontera, we’re not fond of traditions, and have no respect for ordinary. We seek only brilliance.

So we’re asking candidates to show their potential using the campaign itself. Our next Medical Copywriter must tell us why using Twitter, Designer show us why using Instagram, and Account Manager convince us why using Linked In.

Think you have the potential?

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